Congratulations on your engagement! Now, the fun and planning begins. Time to get get the word out and announce your love in the perfect way. That’s where I come in. Many of the brides I work with don’t just want to have engagement portraits for the “Save the Date” cards. Your engagement portraits can also be used in creative ways at your wedding, like  in sign-in albums that showcase your favorite images from your Engagement Session, custom sign-on posters to match your theme, that also include your favorite image or a collage, or you can create favors or slideshow presentations…all of which I offer and can assist you with.

Your engagement session should showcase the love shared between the two of you. I am happy to work with you to design a session that is sexy, romantic, playful, or whatever you desire. I have done many themed sessions and love using props or finding creative ways to highlight your wedding date in the images. Feel free to call me to discuss your ideas and we can brainstorm the perfect session together.

c64-IMG_7083W.jpgIMG_0232W.jpgIMG_7483W.jpgengagement13.jpgIMG_7721W.jpgIMG_3686W.jpgIMG_6498W.jpgIMG_7037W.jpgIMG_6997editW.jpgengagement17.jpgIMG_5771W.jpgengagement19.jpgIMG_7683closeW.jpgIMG_7691W.jpgengagement08.jpgIMG_5802W.jpgIMG_7223W.jpgIMG_0472W.jpgIMG_6174W.jpgIMG_6199W.jpgIMG_6979W.jpgIMG_7086W.jpgIMG_7600W.jpgIMG_7781W.jpgIMG_0318W.jpgengagement23.jpgengagement10.jpgIMG_7333dateW.jpgIMG_6990W.jpgIMG_3693sunW.jpgIMG_7401W.jpgIMG_5944W.jpgIMG_0790W.jpgIMG_6421 bwW.jpgengagement01.jpgengagement16.jpgengagement05.jpgIMG_0797bwW.jpgIMG_7028editW.jpgengagement11.jpgengagement15.jpgengagement20.jpg
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