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New Products for Wedding & Family Clients – Orlando Wedding Photographer, Orlando Family Photographer

Trying to find products that enhance your brand is not always easy. I always order samples of products to test the quality and check to see if they are something I would like to have for myself before I ever offer them to clients. The truth is, there are a million cool looking products you can find for photo gifts and keepsakes, but not a lot of them are quality items. I have testing countless books, prints, story blocks and gallery wraps and stuck with the vendor items I felt were above industry standard.

For a while now I have been on a search for something a little different for my wedding clients. I wanted something special and a one-of-a-kind item that I could customize exclusively for  them. I found these amazing image boxes and USB drives and immediately fell in love. Last month I ordered my test samples and was so impressed with the products that I have now added them to my Platinum wedding packages to replace the DVD set I had been sending. I love them so much I ordered a set for myself for keepsakes and I am also making them available for an additional purchase for my family clients as well. See for yourself and let me know what you think of the new products. The USB drives are so small and compact they could fit in your wallet. I have designed several templates I can use to customize the image boxes, which will make amazingly cute keepsakes for the prints that come with my wedding packages. Talk to me about upgrading your wedding or family packages to include the USB drives, image boxes or both.






Thank you, Artsy Couture for the amazing products. :)

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FREE Anniversary Sessions for Couples Married 50 + Years – Orlando family photographer

This year, to honor timeless love stories and romance in the month of February, I gave away a free mini-session to any couple married more than 50+ years. I had a record number sign up and gave away over 17 free sessions. Can I just say that spending the day with these amazing couples and hearing their amazing love store, renewed my spirits and made me fall even more in love with everything about love. I think their special stories will warm your heart as well. Enjoy some of the portrait previews and a few of my favorite videos.

What a wonderful blessing to get to spend your whole life with the same person! In a world full of break-ups and divorce, these timeless love stories really warm my heart! I hope they brighten your day too! For more information on booking an Anniversary session for a couple you love, Email me through the contact form on my website.

VIDEO LINKS: Click the link to view the videos

Buck & Elizabeth

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Editorial Feature Published – Playground Magazine – Orlando Children and Family Photography


January is always a busy month for my studio, which usually involves getting my game face on with organizing my calendar, catching up with the business side of things and  booking lots and lots of weddings. This year, I wanted to do something a little different in planning for some of the mini-sessions I sometimes offer throughout the year. Instead of the traditional props and accessories, I thought it would be fun to stylize a shoot just for kids, in the same way I bring a team together for a wedding editorial feature and offer those super-unique, stylized sessions for my clients. The concept was a hit and within a few hours I had every available slot booked for the minis. The Dream Team was organized to style the shoot, which consisted of Jennifer Bergherm, a creative genius I also am lucky enough to call my friend. Jennifer owns Sweet Expectations Bakery in Altamonte Springs and does amazing things with all things sweet. She customizes cookies, makes cakes, cake pops, and just about anything you could imagine you could get into an edible delight, she can make it! Jennifer and I decided to team up to make my theme of “Charm School” come to life. I asked Debra Robertson from Atmospheres Floral to assist with the floral and table settings to go along with our theme. Cristi Miranda was asked to come on board as well and do all the hair and make-up for the models. Carmen Rogge from The Flair Exchange, provided the amazingly adorable flair for the balloons and Lemonade stand set.

Jennifer and I had so many fun brainstorming sessions, thinking up amazing sets and table scapes, but it seemed like all the work that was going into these specialized sessions was very much like something I was sure a magazine would be thrilled to have as a set for an editorial feature. I decided to pitch my idea to the editors of Playground Magazine and they were so excited about the concept we had created they asked if they could collaborate with us, provide models and clothing and thus an editorial feature was planned. We were so excited to be teaming up with them. Our set designs were so dreamy and included a country chic table with burlap and a chandelier, a sweets table with 3 cakes and custom cakes and cookies, all made by Jennifer, and a rope swing, decorated with real roses from Atmospheres!


The day of the shoot ended up being the coldest day we’d seen in Florida the whole year! Brrrr, it was COLD! Jennifer and I were on set at the Hilliard Estate in Apopka to get everything put together by 6:00 am! It was going to be a LONG day! We shot the editorial spread in the morning from 8-12 and the mini-sessions were scheduled all afternoon from 12:30 to 5:30. It was a marathon day of shooting for me, but the end result was so amazing! Enjoy some of the previews of the editorial feature, as well as some of the other images we shot that day! I also threw in some of my favorite shots of the little cuties I photographed all afternoon. Thank you to Playground, Atmospheres and Sweet Expectations Bakery, as well as the Hilliard Family and Cristi Miranda, for without this amazing team of people the shoot would have never happened or have been published! Here is the feature in the magazine! Fun! Fun! Fun!

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 2.09.34 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 2.10.02 PMScreen Shot 2013-03-04 at 2.10.12 PMScreen Shot 2013-03-04 at 2.09.51 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 2.11.05 PM

Ad, here are a few of my favorites from the editorial feature shoot and  mini-sessions that afternoon. I have the most adorable clients, don’t I?








Keep your eyes and ears posted for we have another stylized mini-session planned for June or July! If you are interested in reserving your spot early, message me and I can add you to the list. The spaces are VERY limited and will be sure to fill quickly. See you this summer in June or July for another day of stylized portrait fun!

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2012 Family Holiday Favorites – Orlando Family Photographer

As I look back on my 2012 calendar and check off the days until 2013, I am reminded of all the beautiful families, couples and children I had the pleasure of photographing this holiday season. The holidays are always busy for me…kind of like an accountants tax season, but I relish the opportunity to capture families and larger groups of extended families, when their loved ones are in town. This fall, I photographed more than 30 family sessions and 7 weddings! Although that meant a lot of work and editing, I so enjoyed getting to know some of my new clients and their families, as well as some of my returning clients this 2012 portrait season.
Holiday Collage4
As 2012 comes to an end, and we prepare to welcome 2013 with a bang, I thought it would be fun to look back and post some of my favorite fall family sessions from 2012. If you are interested in getting on my fall 2013 calendar, plan to contact me and secure your date early, as I usually amy totally booked up by September ever year. Thank you to all my new and returning clients, who I also consider to be my friends, for allowing me the opportunity to do something I love, while giving you memories you will cherish for many years to come!
Holiday Collage8
Holiday Collage7
Holiday CollageBLOGBlog6HolidayBlog5Holiday

Now booking January and February sessions. For more information email me at, or use the contact tab through the website.

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The Black Family Holiday Sneak Peak- Orlando Family Photographer- Holiday Portraits

I had the pleasure of photographing the Black Family for their holiday session. They were an amazing family who hadn’t had formal pictures taken for some time. They had two adorable boys, Austin and Carter who were strutting their stuff in their super-cute clothes! Carter insisted on wearing his Beatles shirt so his mom incorporated it into his holiday outfit.

Mom was worried about getting a toddler to cooperate with the camera, but as you can see from these adorable sneak peeks Carter and the camera were definitely friends.

Here are some tips for keeping your toddler happy during a portrait session.

Tip 1: Bring a toy. Have the toy hidden away, but have access to it when needed.

Tip 2: Bring snacks, like Goldfish crackers, raisins, or baby puffs that can easily be given to a squirmy baby or toddler to preoccupy them while the photographer gets candid shots.

Tip 3: Bring special treats or rewards. Give them to the photographer to use to reward good behavior during the portrait session.

Tip 4: Let the photographer give direction to the kids. Kids are easily distracted when too many people are giving instructions, which usually results in a meltdown.

Tip 5: Parents, relax. Your kids feed off your energy and sense if you are worked up. If you are relaxed usually the kids are too. Trust your photographer to get the shots.

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