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The great and wise Maya Angelou said, “When you know better, you do better”. So for the sake of informing so many new brides-to-be about how they can avoid wedding-day disasters, I am going to offer up some advice you can take or leave. I hope you take it to heart and listen intently to what I am saying, because I am genuinely saying it to help you avoid a wedding day disaster or dissapointment.

A little background on this post…

I work weddings almost every weekend and I see all kinds of things happen. Most of them are good things, actually amazing and touching moments and celebrations of love. The guests arrive, the couple is married, they dance, eat and celebrate with their family and friends and drive off into their “Happily Ever After”, all without a hitch, right? What the family, the friends, the weddings guests and the couple don’t always see is how the team of vendors they have selected works together, in sync to make sure the day goes off without any glitches. It’s like a well-coordinated dance with a partner and if one of the team members is not interested in having a “team” mentality and instead goes rogue things can fall apart quickly. But when a team works together and communicates well and plays nicely with the other team members, the end result is a group of professionals, a “Dream Team” so-to-speak that creates a unique and special day, with every detail just as the couple imagined.

Most weddings go off without a hitch, but there are always wedding disasters…to determine how big or what qualifies as a disaster, you have to know whether or not the “incident” actually effected the wedding day timeline, the wedding itself, or the bride and groom were even aware. Many times little things happen throughout every wedding day, so flexibility is a big part of getting married. You have to be good to “go with it”, because like I tell my brides, the most important thing is that you are getting married to the love of your life today, and while all the little stuff matters, you can’t let it ruin your whole day. That is easy to do…”let the little stuff go” when a bride and groom have the confidence that the team of vendors they have chosen has got everything under control and will handle, fix and take care of efficiently any unexpected issue that should arise that day. It’s very hard to do if you, the bride are feeling pressure to handle a situation the day of your wedding because you don’t have an advocate like a planner or someone to delegate resolving issues when they arise. I’ve seen my share of brides without planners, weeping in the hair and make-up chair, or yelling at grooms on the cell phone in frustration over having to handle every last detail while trying to enjoy their day. I hate walking in to a room and seeing my bride crying…in fact, I hate seeing my brides or grooms upset with any part of their day not going exactly according to their plans, ever…it shouldn’t ever be like that, in my opinion!

Now you have a little history, so with that being said, every once in a while I work an event that makes me say,

“I’m gonna have to blog about this”…

First, let me start by saying this is not a post to trash or rant about  bad wedding planners or vendors…in fact, it is just the opposite! I want to show you how bad things can get when you don’t hire a good planners or professionals to work for you on your wedding day. I think you SHOULD hire a wedding planner to help with any part of the process you don’t feel you can handle on your own, but that is NOT all a wedding planner does or should do. A good planner does SO MUCH MORE and is worth their weight in GOLD!  I see  ALL KINDS OF THINGS…and I mean NOTHING shocks or horrifies me, after seeing so many wedding day disasters and tragedies from brides who didn’t hire a planner. I’ve also seen so many situations that could have gone terribly wrong, be avoided by having the right person in planer (a planner) there to put out fires and make sure your day goes perfectly, without a hitch, or if there are hitches and disasters, nobody is any worse for the wear, because they are handled so quickly and beautifully they do not even interrupt the wedding day!

I am going to walk you through a recent wedding day that was poorly managed by a “planner” who worked for a chair rental company, and clearly had not done many events. She was very sweet and pleasant but not confident and didn’t have much foresight to handle a situation before it arose. It happened to me at a recent wedding of an amazing young couple and their wonderful family. They planned their wedding rather quickly and I wasn’t even sure they would have a planner the day of, because everything was planned so quickly. I was so pleased when I received a call from their wedding planner before the wedding, because I know how important it is to have a planner assisting the couple and family through the important details of the day. After our phone call, I forwarded my wedding day photography timeline to the planner and received no response…that is never a good sign, but I had communicated with my bride, so I knew hat she knew the plan for the day and we were good. The wedding day arrives and I showed up, ready to begin. I found the planner, who let me know the bride would be late. I jumped right in and grabbed the groom and took advantage of the time to get some detail shots and the groom’s portraits, while we waited for the bride to arrive and capture the “first look”.

The bride was late and very late getting into her gown, because she was running around looking for items she needed, a job a good planner would have assisted with. I ended up working to assist finding items, boutineers, help with getting bride in her dress and trying to keep the ladies on schedule, as much as possible, so we didn’t run behind with their portraits…all things I have no problem doing, but these are things a planner assists with. The planner was all over the place, appearing to be working, but seemed frazzled. The bride was finally dressed and the first look portraits were under way. I now had only 20 minutes instead of a full hour for the couple’s portraits, so I had to really work hard to get everything I wanted to do in that amount of time. I could have taken more time, but that would have made the event start late, and I hate to ever be late for any part of the day, so I rushed to finish up with the couple and get them to the wedding on time.

As I moved on to begin capturing candids of the wedding area and guests arriving I noticed a large crowd of guests not entering the wedding area. The wedding was standing room only, as it was a small outdoor space. The guests did not know if they  were allowed to move into the wedding area, so they stayed, cramped into the back of the room, blocking the aisle. I rushed to find the planner to let her know she needed to be directing the guests to get in place. She came in but looked frazzled and nothing happened, so ultimately I ended up making sure everyone was moved and positioned so we had an actual aisle for the bride and family to walk down. The wedding was now 15 minutes behind schedule and no planner in sight.

The wedding began and seemed to go well. I notice little things that a good planner would have made sure didn’t happen, like the ring exchange from best man and maid of honor to bride and groom. As the best man and maid of honor went forward to hand the rings to the couple they didn’t know if they should stay on stage or go back to their seats, so they awkwardly stood and started towards their chairs, but then ended up staying by the bride and groom. Nobody else probably noticed, but it was clear that the planner had not given instructions on how to handle that. After the wedding I was ready for family portraits in front of the wedding ceremony area and nobody was to be found. A large group of guests were blocking the corridor areas and no planner in sight. When  I finally found her, she told me the entire family had been moved to a location in front of the venue and she wanted me to move the entire family across the street to another location for family portraits. That was not the original plan, but for the sake of crowd control I moved everyone across the street. I generally don’t ask to move large family groups, to keep the elderly grandparents and small children from having to walk far distances. In this case, the planner clearly had not considered that. As we came back to the area where the cocktail hour was finishing up the bride asked the planner, “Where are the cocktails?” The planner looked perplexed…the bride then looked around again and realized there was no bar service for her guests during the cocktail hour because they had set up in the reception area. The planner shrugged and acted like she didn’t know why it didn’t happen…my mouth fell open and I found that to be unacceptable!

Family portraits were completed on time and I was ready to head over to the reception area to photograph it for about five minutes before the reception began, and before anyone was seated in the area. I finished up rather quickly and was ready to get everything going, so the schedule didn’t fall any farther behind. I notified  the planner that I was ready and guests could begin getting seated at the reception but she was running around with a hand-written sheet of paper with names, looking for specific family members to personally seat them before the other guests were allowed to enter the area, all because there was no seating chart. She didn’t want anyone sitting in the family area, so her plan was to find each person and individually seat them, before allowing the other 80 guests  to come in and find tables. You can imagine how that went over…crowds of people standing around and people “checking in” with her at the entrance of the reception as she asked, “Are you family or friends”…”family of the bride or groom” then she checked her list to see where they should be sitting…it was a night mare. It took almost 30 minutes to find the family and seat them at the correct tables, even with me assisting and finding people for her. That kind of stuff should NEVER happen on your wedding day. A professional would never have that happen.

Once the family was seated it was a free-for-all for the guests, and when everyone was inside there were at least 10 guests who had no table or chairs to sit at. Another disaster…I had to jump in again and suggest we take the only remaining table with the guest book and set it up for them to at least have a table to be seated at. I moved all the guest book and gifts to the cake table and got them seated so we could begin the reception, and now we were 30-40 minutes behind schedule. I was already aware that since he bride only booked me for a few hours, I would be leaving early before the reception was over, so starting late meant the bride would miss a lot of important shots during the reception. I took the initiative to go and speak to the bride and work out a new “timeline” to maximize the remaining time I would be there to capture her reception. We brought the DJ in and he was flexible and understanding of how the day was going and was very helpful in making the effort to get everything done the way the bride needed it to happen. We decided on dances then toasts, then dismiss guests for the buffet.

The DJ did his part in making the transition to the timeline smooth and worked with me so well to ensure the bride got what she needed. After the dances we were to go right to the toasts. The planner was busy hand pouring champagne glasses for all 80 guests that she never made it to the bride and groom’s table. I had to go find a bottle of champagne and make sure their glasses were filled…again, that is a job I was more than happy to do, but it is something the planner should have noticed or delegated. After toasts the planner was fixing the couple’s plates but had no plan to dismiss tables for guests with the DJ. The DJ met her at the back table and said he would just go and figure it out on his own and he did.


As the night ended I was exhausted and went to say goodnight to my bride, who thanked me, telling me, “You should totally be a wedding planner…without you tonight things would have been so crazy”! I felt like I was the planner for that event, but at the end of the day will do and did anything I could to make sure my bride and groom have a perfect day. I am always happy to play nice, work with a team and jump right in to fix hair, seat guests, pour champagne, get you into your gown and do whatever needs to be done, but remember, you pay me to capture the day and every second I spend doing other tasks is a second of your special day I can’t capture for you.


Here is where the advice part comes in…when you hire a planner, please make sure they are a kind of planner that can get the job done, with confidence. How do you do that? Interview them…interview several, ask questions, ask how they work with other vendors, ask for specific situations they can share where they handled something that went wrong and helped avoid a day-of disaster. Make sure that they are not just a nice person that works for a company that handles wedding rentals, etc. They should be a professional planner and that is all they do! Planning should be their specialty, and they should have lots of experience and testimonials from happy brides. Any good vendor can provide you with those referrals.

*Interview ALL vendors

*Have a timeline with your planner and one for your photographer and make sure both sync up

*Make sure your vendors aren’t just “yes” people…make sure they are confident and can handle dealing with people and situations the day of your wedding

*If you hire a planner, they should make it easy to organize your entire day…ask them for things they do to help with that/suggestions, forms, etc.

*Cheap isn’t always better…you get what you pay for

*Experience is gold with professionals…hire people who have worked events at the venue you have selected and know the layout and the flow of that venue

*Ask your vendors for recommendations before you hire…they KNOW! They work beside professionals every weekend and know who is top-knotch and who is not


“When you know better, you do better”…and now you know. :)

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New Products for Wedding & Family Clients – Orlando Wedding Photographer, Orlando Family Photographer

Trying to find products that enhance your brand is not always easy. I always order samples of products to test the quality and check to see if they are something I would like to have for myself before I ever offer them to clients. The truth is, there are a million cool looking products you can find for photo gifts and keepsakes, but not a lot of them are quality items. I have testing countless books, prints, story blocks and gallery wraps and stuck with the vendor items I felt were above industry standard.

For a while now I have been on a search for something a little different for my wedding clients. I wanted something special and a one-of-a-kind item that I could customize exclusively for  them. I found these amazing image boxes and USB drives and immediately fell in love. Last month I ordered my test samples and was so impressed with the products that I have now added them to my Platinum wedding packages to replace the DVD set I had been sending. I love them so much I ordered a set for myself for keepsakes and I am also making them available for an additional purchase for my family clients as well. See for yourself and let me know what you think of the new products. The USB drives are so small and compact they could fit in your wallet. I have designed several templates I can use to customize the image boxes, which will make amazingly cute keepsakes for the prints that come with my wedding packages. Talk to me about upgrading your wedding or family packages to include the USB drives, image boxes or both.






Thank you, Artsy Couture for the amazing products. :)

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Nicki + Matt – Married at Bella Collina Country Club – Orlando Wedding Photographer

I always LOVE capturing weddings at Bella Collina, because it is like being swept away and transported to a Tuscan villa in Italy. When Nicki and Matt asked me to capture their wedding day I was thrilled to be able to work with them and Bella Collina again. Nicki had planned a vintage-themed wedding focused around “Love is the Key”. She and her wedding planner, Maria Balestriere from Blush by Brandee Gaar included the most amazing details to go along with her theme. The tables had vintage door knobs with key holes and each guest had their own vintage key attached to their name card. The place card holder was a covered in wood and lace and held each of the guests names. The cake by Priscilla Lucas at Party Flavors Custom Cakes was ivory with lace accents covering the tiers. Lee James Floral Designs  stunned the guests with beauty by covering the entire area where the bride and groom stood to exchange vows with white rose petals, alongside two beautiful towering arrangements.

1888732_10203020390646662_3261289837423782219_n 1625672_10203020390206651_2535105079945479177_n 10154117_10203024118659860_6563831625325253412_n 10151979_10203019381501434_9181046808312190687_n 10153276_10203019380861418_3952076561238362558_n 10006180_10203023646488056_6801126633332713821_n 10155095_10203023647608084_2729367673492336805_n 10176092_10203019405422032_2882164859598387844_n 10245353_10203023647288076_7986512914674134004_n


10178080_10203045538435341_9068093198143239718_n 10246500_10203045537475317_9104117860812173246_n 10153699_10203045537955329_1810441315827029614_n 1017759_10203045538995355_4530510281990909643_n

The bride had a vintage rose bouquet that was so romantic and lovely. We stole away and captured some amazingly beautiful portraits around the fountain area as well as the old rock wall near the towering oak trees. Bella Collina has such a variety of gorgeous scenery, you can get so many different looks for your wedding portraits.

10253848_10203019382621462_2861548853730875934_n 10252008_10203023651488181_7946959478483189836_n 10246767_10203023651968193_2774694474991890349_n 10177321_10203020393446732_748831866995344771_n-2 10174954_10203023649008119_4607131224453260389_n 10170692_10203020391086673_8958603779646702210_n 10171825_10203020391966695_3737653671140610223_n 10168078_10203023652848215_8769401426632982327_n 10157298_10203023655528282_935910814023343736_n 10156056_10203023651048170_1848772166617182924_n 10154325_10203023652208199_8593931768870514943_n 10155351_10203023653328227_1962998009034358685_n 10153816_10203023648688111_1380268099935553956_n 10151838_10203023654048245_8117149491856993452_n 10009290_10203023649248125_1146044566057565875_n 10154184_10203023655728287_5047647675850765791_n 10002917_10203023650008144_590390233106080569_n 1902814_10203023655488281_7762759336756167791_n

1146707_10203045559755874_6455076519291467029_n 10257835_10203045553715723_3140075480832034379_n 10178155_10203045580236386_712051223626275506_n 1538871_10203045582916453_4404279074377728430_n 1506065_10203045552955704_3567341544870879461_n 1555275_10203045738560344_750568440988289997_n 1623681_10203045548235586_4512998554728756747_n 1014345_10203045541355414_8508353282769664061_n

The reception area was beautifully lit by Get Lit Productions and Phil from Soundwave Entertainment was the DJ for the event. It was a pleasure working with this amazing team of vendors as well.

10003456_10203051328420087_8512773833685635872_n 1422342_10203051328620092_25488547626029873_n 10259330_10203051328020077_7770067317461622055_n



Enjoy the sneak peeks of their beautiful wedding day.


Bella Collina Golf and Country Club

Soundwave Entertainment, DJ Phil

Get-Lit Productions

Party Flavors Custom Cakes

Lee James Floral Designs

Blush by Brandee Gaar – Wedding Planner, Maria

Heather Rice Photography

Make-up by M3 – Makeup

VIP Transportation Group

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