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Nicki + Matt – Married at Bella Collina Country Club – Orlando Wedding Photographer

I always LOVE capturing weddings at Bella Collina, because it is like being swept away and transported to a Tuscan villa in Italy. When Nicki and Matt asked me to capture their wedding day I was thrilled to be able to work with them and Bella Collina again. Nicki had planned a vintage-themed wedding focused around “Love is the Key”. She and her wedding planner, Maria Balestriere from Blush by Brandee Gaar included the most amazing details to go along with her theme. The tables had vintage door knobs with key holes and each guest had their own vintage key attached to their name card. The place card holder was a covered in wood and lace and held each of the guests names. The cake by Priscilla Lucas at Party Flavors Custom Cakes was ivory with lace accents covering the tiers. Lee James Floral Designs  stunned the guests with beauty by covering the entire area where the bride and groom stood to exchange vows with white rose petals, alongside two beautiful towering arrangements.

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The bride had a vintage rose bouquet that was so romantic and lovely. We stole away and captured some amazingly beautiful portraits around the fountain area as well as the old rock wall near the towering oak trees. Bella Collina has such a variety of gorgeous scenery, you can get so many different looks for your wedding portraits.

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The reception area was beautifully lit by Get Lit Productions and Phil from Soundwave Entertainment was the DJ for the event. It was a pleasure working with this amazing team of vendors as well.

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Enjoy the sneak peeks of their beautiful wedding day.


Bella Collina Golf and Country Club

Soundwave Entertainment, DJ Phil

Get-Lit Productions

Party Flavors Custom Cakes

Lee James Floral Designs

Blush by Brandee Gaar – Wedding Planner, Maria

Heather Rice Photography

Make-up by M3 – Makeup

VIP Transportation Group

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