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Casa Feliz Wedding Bliss – Winter Park Wedding Photographer, Orlando Wedding Photographer, Historic Casa Feliz

I always love working at unique venues and Historic Casa Feliz in Winter Park, Florida is unique and full of charm. I love to explore the little alcoves and archways and quaint brick facades, and the house set behind the lush green golf course is perfect for portraits. I was so excited when Frank and Amanda asked me to photograph their wedding there in June. Their vintage details and bright, summer colors of yellow sunflowers and blue dresses and ties popped perfectly against the accents of the historic house. I had so much fin capturing their wedding day. I loved seeing the two of them swooning over one another and I can’t help but giggle when I look back and see all the pictures of Amanda, so clearly overcome with excitement she was wrinkling her nose as she smiled from ear to ear. ADORABLE!

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Amanda and Frank had an outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour planned, but the thunder and lightning came about an hour before the ceremony, and was followed by a terrential downpour of crazy rain! I was fearful the bride would be dissappointed her dream outdoor wedding would now be moved inside, but Amanda took it in stride and smiled saying, “I LOVE the rain, and can’t think of a better way to have my wedding than an intimate inside ceremony”. The wedding was moved into a smaller room with a view of the golf course from the wall of windows. Frank and Amanda’s ceremony was amazing. Renee from A Lovely Ceremony was their officiant and the event was full of laughter and happy tears. I love the moment Frank wiped away Amanda’s tears during their vows. I got a little choked up myself.



1017439_10200982540581684_110050276_n 1016639_10200982540341678_414395569_n 1044496_10200984440349177_296422807_n 1044880_10200982538301627_213647004_n 1013033_10200982835829065_116956806_n 1013025_10200982839749163_1222916963_n 1013725_10200982840989194_583431750_nThe reception was a fun party as well. Everyone packed the dance floor and watched as Amanda and Frank stole the show. Frank and his mother shared a sweet moment as well as they danced the mother son dance. So many special moments to treasure. I always feel honored to have been chosen to be the one to capture the special memories for my wedding couples. Out of all the photographers out there, they chose me! Lucky, lucky me, to get to spend the best day of their lives with

1044598_10200984435429054_1111577344_n 1016643_10200989932926488_1237819078_n 1010517_10200984438109121_762916372_n 1010744_10200988885580305_1204112438_n 1011926_10200988352766985_2054157962_n 1043982_10200984441789213_1851057686_n 1044368_10200984436909091_246940857_n 1016313_10201035422143690_1496578684_n 1004432_10200978877530110_918964155_n 1002087_10200984438749137_391984136_n 1003417_10200984436029069_1612976423_n 1044917_10200988351886963_1570619720_n 1043978_10201000378907631_1591566748_n 1017410_10200990514181019_1905693850_n 995809_10200988351926964_861363516_n 179725_10200978874690039_503903105_n 6501_10200978875250053_479611911_n 1273_10201035423743730_390236737_n 998258_10200976741956722_1043068927_n 8582_10200903826333877_1020828690_n Mother Son Dance

21335_10201035422303694_351703300_nI always have a great time working alongside amazing vendors, but it’s extra-special when I get to work with vendors I have had the pleasure of working with at other weddings, because I know the excellent work and professionalism they offer. When your wedding team works together well and have the best interest of the bride and groom at heart, the day is a guaranteed success! We all had a great time working together to help their celebration be the most amazing day of their lives. So many special moments to treasure. I always feel honored to have been chosen to be the one to capture the special memories for my wedding couples. Out of all the photographers out there, they chose me! Lucky, lucky me, to get to spend the best day of their lives with them, making memories!



382501_10200990517061091_1931821245_n 1045218_10200990516621080_592862038_n 1045007_10200990514661031_1916231012_nVENDORS:

VENUE: Historic Casa Feliz, Winter Park, Florida

PHOTOGRAPHER: Heather Rice Photography

OFFICIANT: A Lovely Ceremony

DJ: Meister Productions

RENTALS: Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals

CAKE: Perla’s Cakes


CATERER: Arthur’s Catering

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PHOTOGRAPHER’S CONFESSION #2: Let There Be Light – Central Florida and Orlando Wedding Photographer, Uplighting Your Event

PHOTOGRAPHER’S CONFESSION #2: “Let There Be LIGHT”It’s true, we hate to tell you this, but that ceremony space and reception ballroom area always looks 200% better when accented with dramatic uplighting. You’ve spent tons of time and money on the details, but the lighting really helps your photographer and videographer capture the ambiance in your video and images, and makes your details pop!

Your budget is something to consider when planning your wedding, but we photographers really have to confess that we hope you do factor in a little extra for uplighting into your big day’s budget…I kind of have a “thing” for warm amber uplighting in a room…I think it’s HOT! 

Check out the before and after image in the top two photos taken at the Grand Bohemian Orlando. Both are beautiful and the space is a show-stopper all on it’s own, but when enhanced with the dramatic amber uplighting the mood really is transformed into a romantic space, perfectly accenting the mood and tone for the wedding ceremony.

If you are looking for uplighting vendors, check with your DJ. Most offer uplighting services for a nominal fee (varies based on the number of lights you get and the size of the room/rooms), but most offer packages where you can add on uplighting to your DJ package.

Thank you, Kristin Wilson from Our DJ Rocks and Mark Wilson from Photobooth Rocks for doing an amazing job of uplighting the Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando wedding of Meme Mader Siqueiros and David Siqueiros on June 23, 2013. It is always a pleasure working with your amazing team of pros!



943510_10201012902340709_1514118109_n IMG_4150L 1010245_10201012906580815_167321998_n 1010496_10201012902140704_1975309943_n 1016128_10201012903380735_1791469599_n IMG_2582L

VENUE: Grand Bohemian Orlando

DJ:  Our DJ Rocks

PHOTOBOOTH: Photobooth Rocks 



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PHOTOGRAPHER’S CONFESSION #1: MOTHER/SON WEDDING DANCE – Orlando and Central Florida Wedding Photographer

Photographer’s Confession #1:

I always have a hard time making it through the mother/son dance at the wedding without bursting into tears myself…I can’t help but picture the day, sometime in the future, imagining myself dancing with each of my boys as they get married. I always especially love the song choices for this dance. One of my all-time favorite dances was at the wedding of my bride and groom, Tommy and Nicole Downey Edwards and the DJ played “A Song for Mama” by Boys II Men…I wept that entire dance as Tommy and his mama embraced and cried together on the dance floor! What a moment! 

Francisco José Expósito-León and Amanda ‘Kaydence’ Ferree were recently married at Casa Feliz in Winter Park, Florida,
Mother Son Dance

and I was so moved by his mother’s emotional expressions as she danced with her baby boy. It’s a moment every mother of a son will understand, right along with me.

So the next time you see me at the wedding and the mother/son dance is approaching, you might want to grab me a tissue…I’m gonna need it! 


Mother Son Dance Mother Son Dance Wedding

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