Senior Portraits – TOP 5 Reasons to Step Away From Studio-Style Senior Portraits!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from parents of Seniors and other folk my age who say, “Where were you when we had our Senior portraits done, back in the day”? Everyone I know who is my age or older HATES their Senior portrait from high school. I am also one of those unfortunate few who also missed out on the opportunity to be photographed in a way that would represent the person I really was way back in 1992, when I was graduating. My portraits were done by the same team that still works in the high-schools today, setting up their studio and pushing out  cookie-cutter, traditional poses and parents continue to buy them, because they don’t know about the alternatives.

I am subjecting myself to embarrassment by posting my very own photo for you to compare. My Senior portraits were so sad! I look at that curly-haired girl and see what the studio wanted me to see, but if I had the chance to express myself in portraits like I offer today to Seniors, I would have certainly brought along some fun clothes, some fun props and made sure that my session took place at  a spot that had sentimental or special meaning for me during those high-school years.

This photo is wrong on so many levels…the shirt…the metal grate in the background…the HAIR…the afro!  Oh my! But, what did I expect? This was the best option I had back in the day, unless I went to Glamour Shots!

But today, we live in the land of digital overload, and we have so many options available to make our lives better…and help us avoid having to re-live the embarrassment of Senior portraits like mine, in the future. I have put together a list of some of the “Top 5 Reasons Seniors Should Avoid Studio Portraits.”

Top 5 Reasons to Step Away From Traditional Studio Sr. Portraits:

#1. IT’S ALL ABOUT CHOICE – YOU get to choose your photographer! Every photographer has their own artistic eye, and having the choice to choose WHO does your picture ensures your images will be more like you envisioned. Select a photographer who you connect with, and who you trust to capture the essence of YOU!

#2. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION – On-location photographers know the best spots and locations and can recommend locations that will give you a variety of looks and go well with your style. Want Urban-chic, Edgy, Rustic and outdoor? Do you play football and want to be photographed on your High School football field? Do you surf and want beach portraits? These are YOUR portraits, so you can have the best of location options to enhance your portraits.

#3.  RELAX – Your poses will be natural and should look like you would naturally look, not posed and stiff! A good photographer will assist with helping you look relaxed, or capturing you as you are, naturally.

#4.  TIME – A portrait session with an on-location photographer, allows you ample time to be photographed in a variety of settings, with a variety of different looks and clothing.

#5. LOOK YOUR BEST – A good photographer will make sure each and every image is perfect before they are presented to their client. This means, you don’t have to worry if you have a blemish, or a hair is out of place. With professional retouching, the images will be magazine-quality and perfect every time!

The most important thing on the list is CHOICE! You have the choice to decide how you are remembered! After all, it’s your story…how do you want to tell it?


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